This is a list of documents that should guide fisheries certification. 


You are recommended to carefully review these documents as some documents are mandatory for implementation while others provide recommendations. Besides, a part of the requirements cannot be applicable to your certification case. This section will be regularly updated, so that it is highly recommended to follow the website updates. The obligations on the fulfillment of the applicable requirements of the certification system and certification body are set in the certification contract concluded between Marine certification LLC and certificate applicant / holder. 


We hope information of this section will be useful to you and make the certification procedure easier.


1. MSC General Certification Requiremens and Guidance v.2.1 (normative) MSC GCR v.2.1


2. MSC Fisheries Certification Requirements and Guidance v.2.0 (normative) MSC FCR v.2.0 


3. MSC-MSCI Vocabulary v.1.1 (normative) MSC-MSCI Vocabulary v.1.1


4. Ecolabel User Guide v.3 (advisory) Ecolabel User Guide 


5. MSC objections procedure  (normative, extracted from MSC FCR) Objections procedure


6. MSC notice of objection form v.2.0 (to be filled if any objections) Notice of objection form


7. MSC template for stakeholder input v.2.0 (this form should be filled by stakeholders in case of any comments during an MSC fishery assessment process and submitted to Marine certification LLC) Template for stakeholder input 


8. MSC stakeholder guide (advisory, designed for stakeholders) MSC stakeholder guide