Marine certification LLC offers services on MSC and ASC chain of custody certification carried out against the MSC chain of custody standard. 


The MSC Chain of Custody (CoC) standard ensures that the MSC ecolabel is only displayed on seafood from an MSC-certified sustainable fishery. The standard requires that organisations handling MSC-certified seafood have a management system capable of maintaining records that allow any product or batch of products sold as certified to be traced from its sales invoice to a certified source. It therefore ensures that there is no
possibility of substitution of certified products with uncertified products within the traceability standard. 


Every link in the supply chain must be independently certified against the MSC’s CoC standard, so that consumers can trust the MSC ecolabel and be sure that the fish that they buy really does come from MSC-certified fisheries.


With the chain of custody certificate you can:


  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainable sourcing;
  • Choose to display the MSC ecolabel on seafood products to demonstrate that they are sustainably sourced;
  • Access new markets and secure existing ones by joining the MSC certified supply chain;
  • Include independently verified traceability systems as part of your offer;
  • Promote your company and attract new customers through the MSC’s online ‘find a supplier’ search and the product finder which allows customers to find your MSC labelled seafood products.


If your company would like to sell the product as MSC or ASC CoC certified and is interested in getting certified under the MSC CoC standard, please fill the MSC CoC application or ASC CoC application  and send it to the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or send a request for certification by using the section Application on our website. 


More information about the MSC / ASC chain of custody certification is available in the relevant sections.