Marine certification LLC (further - the Company) is strongly committed to impartiality and independence principles and guided by them in providing certification services in order to eliminate any conflicts of interests and ensure the objectivity of its certification activities.


The Company applies the ISO definition of impartiality as actual and perceived presence of objectivity, where objectivity means that conflicts of interest do not exist or are resolved so as not to adversely influence subsequent activities of the certification body. 


The Company considers the term "conflict of interest" as a situation when interest of the Company represented by its executives eligible to give instructions binding on the Company and its employees and/or vested interest of an expert participating in any of the stages of the Company’s client certification (or expert’s immediate family members (“first degree” relatives, a husband, wife, children, parents) influences or may influence impersonal performance of employment duties by the expert and when emerges or may emerge a contradiction between the expert’s vested interest and interests of the Company, its client, or other participants of the certification process. 


The Company has developed and applies in its day-to-day activity the Impartiality Management Procedure. The full text of the procedure is available upon request.


The Company has established the independent Impartiality Committee that is responsible for the analysis of potential conflicts of interests and threats to impartiality which may arise at any certification stage. Information about the composition of the Committee can be provided upon request.